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Algebra via Webinar - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

I will facilitate live algebra classes in the Pittsburgh PA area.

My name is Steve Sobek, retired math and computer teacher with 33 years of experience and owner of Amy's Flashcards. Please ignore everything on this web page pertaining to online classes. The webinar platform for online teaching was too expensive - so I stopped my subscription and will not be teaching classes online. I am willing to help homeschoolers complete Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 classes by meeting live with small groups of students in your home or at a public library once per week.

During a typical session I will spend about 20 minutes addressing questions from the previous week's homework. Then I spend the balance of the time covering the main concepts in the up and coming sections. This overview is usually adequate to empower the students to go through several sections over the next six days without much difficulty.

If there is only one student in the class then I charge 35 dollars for that one hour session. With two students, I wil charge each family 20 dollars for the one hour group session. With three students I charge each family 15 dollars.

I am leaving the rest of this web page untouched in case I ever want to do the online classes. But for right now, I am only helping with live algebra classes for homeschoolers living in the north hills of Pittsburgh.

If you would like me to help your child and his/her friends with algebra this coming year please contact me via phone at 412 area code then three six four, and finally four one zero seven.

Key features of my algebra classes


Registration is now open for these algebra classes. If you would like to register your child for either the algebra one class or the algebra two class, please complete the registration form below. The form has several parts beginning with you creating a username and password. Only a 50 dollar registration fee is needed at this time. This 50 dollar fee counts toward the total cost of the course. Pay the balance on or before September 16, 2016.

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Algebra 1

$250 per semester

$50 registration fee due now

Algebra 2

$250 per semester

$50 registration fee due now

Algebra 1 Audit

$175 per semester

$50 registration fee due now

Algebra 2 Audit

$175 per semester

$50 registration fee due now

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