Music Drills

Music    video instructions for music drills
start - Name that note! (treble cleff only)
start - Name the note for each key on the piano!
start - Notes on the Guitar Fretboard      print guitar fretboard
blocked - Play Guitar Notes - Read Music Drill     
blocked - Name that guitar chord!     print chord chart - Blocked
blocked - Name that piano chord!     print chord chart - Blocked
blocked - Major Diatonic Scales Drill     Diatonic Scale Handout - Blocked

Music - Instructional Videos

Video Guitar Lessons (with printable handouts)
start - Basic Guitar Chords 1 Video Lesson   
start - Basic Guitar Chords 2 Video Lesson   
start - Playing Notes on a Guitar   
start - Playing Lead Guitar for Beginners
blocked - Lead Guitar with 5 Pentatonic Scales
blocked - Tips for Song Leaders

Video Piano Lessons with Amy
start - Learn Basic Piano Chords     handout
start - Major and Minor Chords and Intervals     handout
start - Arpeggios and Chord Inversions     handout-1    handout-2