Interactive Flashcard-like drills for all ages - elementary through adult

+       instructional videos       +       live computer applications class via webinar

+       live algebra 1 and algebra 2 class via webinar for homeschoolers

+       one-on-one math tutoring via webinar

Overview Video

Below is a video of retired math and computer teacher, Mr. Steve Sobek, summarizing the main features of the site and providing the instructions needed to gain the most benefit from it. If you are new to the web site, watching this video is strongly recommended.

He will first highlight the flashcard-like drills, then discuss the one-on-one math tutoring, and finally explain the new live online classes that are offered via webinar (algebra 1, algebra 2 and computer applications).

Please click on the picture below to start the video. Once the video is started, you can watch the video in full screen mode by clicking on the link in the bottom right hand corner of the video.

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